Suspension, Termination & Withdrawal of Certificate

The scope of your certification can be reduced, terminated, suspended or withdrawn in circumstances when a non-conformity with certification requirements is substantiated. ga shall consider, on case by case basis and decide upon the appropriate action.Decisions to suspend the certification can be for, but not limited to, for the following cases:
  • Major non–conformances or effective corrective action not implemented within a specified time period.
  • Improper use of the certificate, symbol, or logo
  • Failure to comply with periodic evaluation at the required frequency
  • Failure to meet contractual conditions of the certification body.
  • Existence of a serious complaints indicate that the system is not being maintained
When a non-conformity with certification requirements is substantiated, ga shall consider and decide upon the appropriate action, which can include:
  • Continuation of certification under conditions specified
  • Reduction in the scope of certification
  • Evaluation review of a certification decision.
  • Withdrawal of certification
  • Suspension of certification pending remedial action
Should certification is suspended, ga will inform the customer of actions needed to end suspension and restore certification, and/or any other actions deemed appropriate by ga necessary to restore certification. The customer is required to respond within 15 days of date of letter of notification.

Intention To Withdrawal

Please use the Contact Us form to request a reduction in scope or withdraw from certification. All requests must be in writing and directed to the Certification Manager. You may also send your requests by sending an email to