UKGC to update online slots game designs requirements

UKGC – Consultations on the document on online slots game design and reverse withdrawals are now closed.
The consultations on the UKGC document on online slots game design and reverse withdrawals, published in July 2020, closed on 3rd September 2020. According to our sources, UKGC is now in the process of writing a response document, and they are aiming to publish it as early as October.
What was the aim of these consultations?
The consultation aimed to make online slots games safer for consumers. They believe the speed, frequency, and availability of these games predispose the slots players to addiction. Hence they proposed some changes in the game design, which will require operators to make changes in their game design, software and implement them in their games and back-office control system configuration.
What’s next?
Now that the consultation phase has ended, UKGC is drafting their response and highlight their final decision on proposed changes. They are planning to publish the response document as soon as possible and stated that they would also set an implementation date for each section of the consultation and include it in their response document. They further mentioned that the implementation deadline would be at least three months after the publishing date so that the operators have time to implement those changes.

UKGC- consultation document can be found here.
If you need further information regarding the proposed changes to online slots games, our experts can answer all your questions, you can ask your questions here.

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